About Us

Our Mission
The House of Dance features adult and youth dance classes, high energy workshops, wedding choreography and community dance venues. We constantly embrace cutting-edge choreography and diverse dance styles to challenge, invigorate and open the mind, body and soul. The dance styles offered are wide and varied! Our mission is simply to show the power in dance education with an emphasis on student development (from beginner to advanced, all ages, levels and genders considered). This is not just an exercise – this is an experience!

Adult Group Classes

House of Dance aims to provide the highest quality dance education, performance opportunities and community outreach experiences that reinforce the principle that the art of Dance is for Everyone. House of Dance has the largest array of dance classes for students over the age 18 in the tri-county region.  House of Dance Center teaches and encourages people of all ages to integrate dance into their lives for better individual and community health and well-being.


Youth Classes

Your child will learn to express themselves through music and dance. We teach in a gentle, yet challenging format while focusing on moves taught in a gentle, yet challenging format. We offer Ballet, Tap, Jazz, HipHop, PreDance and Creative Movement for children ages 2-13.


Wedding Couples

We’ve got to confess: private wedding dance lessons are extremely fun! There’s music, there’s your sweetheart, and a there’s enthusiastic teacher letting you in on some new secrets to having a great time… We really like teaching wedding dance lessons, and that makes it a great experience for you.